Coming this August to All Accounts: Updated Unbounce Page Builder


Hey folks!

Just wanted to let you all know that the Page Builder will be officially switching over to this new look and all Unbounce accounts will be updated automatically on August 3rd.

A big thanks to the hundreds of early adopters who have enabled (and provided feedback on) the redesigned Unbounce Page Builder.

If you’ve already enabled this, you’ll notice that everything is where you’re used to seeing it but it now has a lighter and brighter design. The new look also comes with a ton of back end improvements so it’s faster than ever before which means we’ll be rolling out new features built on the faster system.

If you haven’t enabled the updated Page Builder, give it a try before the official release by following the steps:

  1. From the All Pages screen, select “Settings”.

  2. Under “Settings”, select “Labs Features”.

  3. Select “Enable Builder Refresh” and click “Update Settings”.

Hope you enjoy the new design and keep your eyes peeled for new features soon!