Code for repeat IP addresses to go straight to confirmation


Can someone help me write code so that if someone already gave us an email address from a specific IP, and they come back to the page, we could instead redirect them to the confirmation URL?

The Unbounce live chat said I would need code to do this – it seems pretty straightforward to me but it looks like the option doesn’t exist.


Hi Kiran - It would definitely take some effort (and some custom coding), bit it could be possible. The only way that I could envision it working is if checked the incoming IP and the used our API to check your leads database for that page, and then triggered the confirmation URL if that IP already existed in your leads DB.

I’d be happy to enable API access for your account if you’re up to trying it out, but it’s definitely not something I’ve seen before and might be pretty tricky to implement.

It’s definitely a really cool use case, though, so I’ll pass it on to our Product team as something to think about.


If you could enable API access for us that would be great. We’re using an unbounce page as our homepage essentially before a customer goes to the main site - I don’t think I’d be the only one who wants to redirect people who have already given their email.


Hey Kiran - I’ve enabled API access for you.

Keep in mind our API is still in early development so be sure to check out our documentation below for its current capabilities and limitations.