Client says they need IP to do CNAME forward


Hi Guys, my client’s IT group says they need an IP address to forward to so my landing pages show up. I have 12 sub domains I’m using. I don’t think they should need an IP but if they did what would that IP address be.



Hi Jeff - CNAME records point to addresses (like, so it sounds like your client’s IT group may be attempting to create an A record (in which case, they would need an IP). We’ve got documentation on the set-up required for Unbounce that you can send to your client here:…

And, if you need it, I can give more detail about how our page server set-up works and why we need you to create a CNAME rather than connect directly to an IP:

Our IPs are actually dynamic, so while all of our page servers do have IP addresses, if you attempt to connect directly to one, you’ll run into a few issues.

First, we serve pages based on location, so a visitor will connect to a certain page server (either US West, US East, Ireland, or Singapore) based on where the request is originating from to ensure the fastest loading times. If you connect directly to an IP of one of the page servers, you won’t get this functionality.

More importantly, occasionally during upgrades and roll outs or other maintenance or if we have an unplanned outage, we’ll cut one server out of the equation. This means there’s no downtime if you’re connecting via CNAME, but if you’re connected directly to the IP of a page server that’s down for work, your pages will be down until that page server is brought back up.


Hi @Quinn_Omori ! Is there any chance that you have an updated page with the directions? The link you provided is down, but I have the same issue than @Jeff_Smith and would like to tell my clients how to redirect to unbounce LP
thanks in advance


Hi Vanessa - here’s an updated link:

In that doc, you’ll find general instructions for connecting your domain via CNAME to Unbounce and there’s also links in that main article to specific instructions for some of the most popular CNAME providers.

If you or your clients run into any difficulty, please reach out to us via the “Help” button that appears near the bottom-right of any page in our docs!