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Please give me some feedback on the design and on the copywriting also between the two which one would you pick thanks in advance

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1: What Challenges are you currently trying to solve? Give as much detail as possible
In this case, we generate Traffic for many Ads Network mainly Traffic Junky, We Launched the first variation and did not generate any sales even when I spent $2000 in a week. Then I create a new version according to Google Analytics this version Improve the Bounce Rate from 9 seconds to 29 Seconds and made a few sales but us far away from being profitable.


Hey @Roman_Delcarmen, I think my business partner @Stefano would love to drop some insight here! On my end I’d like to start by saying that if you’re spending $2,000 in 1 week you need to be absolutely certain you’re leveraging this traffic in all the ways possible. The first thing I realized is you’re not using the Facebook Pixel to track clicks and Buy Now button clicks. This can be a game-changed since you’ll be 1) able to re-target these individuals with an augmented value proposition and 2) create lookalike audiences from different sets of traffic and reach a much more targeted (and scalable) audience.

Hope this 1 tip helps you, and I’ll give the floor to my favorite Unbounce Expert @Stefano!


Hey Roman!

My initial thoughts are more product-side. If the ads are generating clicks & traffic, perhaps the issue is related to product/landing page trust.

Have you tried to testing with a doctor testimonial or video?

Could you survey your current customers and ask them what made them make a purchase to see if you can learn from their behaviours?

This is an interesting case so i would love to follow up and learn more!