Chat embed code not working on desktop


I have an embed code from the purechat app. I added it with the Custom HTML object.

I have a duplicate version of the page that is essentially an older version - the only difference is the duplicate has the suffix OLD in the URL.

The app works perfectly in the desktop and mobile versions.(on the OLD site)

So, I added the same script to my live URL. However, it only works on mobile. The Desktop is not working at all.

I’m stumped.

The live URL is

The old version is

If you launch either site, please refrain from starting a chat since there are people standing by.


Hi, I am seeing the live chat widget on desktop on both of those URLs.

In general though, adding live chat to a page is not usually done through a custom HTML widget. It’s done by adding a script to the page, or via script manager.


Thanks, I tried adding it as a script. One of the problems I found is getting my browser to reflect the latest changes to the page. Sometimes I need to flush all cache, cookies and history and/or use a different browser and/or reboot to see the latest.

I think in this case the desktop version was working, but I couldn’t see anything but a prior version.


Hey @Ed_Stanfield,

You are using a WP Cache plugin which might be interfering with what you are seeing on the live page.

Otherwise, changes made to your landing page are visible pretty much instantaneously once you republish the page.

Next time might be enough to just flush the cache through the plugin and force it to reload the page.



Hi, (and thanks for the note).

This is a WP and the landing page is facilitated by the Unbounce plug-in on the site. The site DOES have a caching program to boost performance.

I guess this reflects my lack of understanding. How does the caching of primary domain content (on its server) impact the caching of the content on the Unbounce site.

Is the Unbounce page content stored on the primary domain’s server?

In layman’s terms, how does the WP Unbounce plug-in interact with the Unbounce page.