Changing text color using a hex code


How do I change the text color using a Hex code? When I enter the hex code in the text box, it doesn’t actually change the color of the selected text.


Hi Julie - I’m so sorry to hear that this did not work. Would you be able to send us your account and page info to This way we’ll be able to dig in further from our end and see what might be happening.

Look forward to hearing from you!


I am also having this issue. How was it solved? I will send in a ticket as well.


Hey Dawn - I can’t seem to find the ticket for Julie to view the fix but i’d be happy to help sort this out. Send in that support ticket with the name or link to the page and we’ll dig right in :slight_smile:


Could you maybe post the answer you find in the thread?


Hi There - this is typically caused by one of two issues.

  1. you need to add the # before your hex code or the editor actually just inserts the number value without a hash, which makes it default back to black.

  2. if you’ve copy and pasted from a different HTML source (like Word) the HTML that was copied and pasted in can sometimes take precedent over the HTML that the editor adds. If you’re seeing this issue, you can highlight the text you’re trying to change and click the eraser icon to remove any formatting. Then you should be able to use the colour picker to change the font colour.


Thank you Quinn!


Great thanks, having this posted here just helped me out without having to generate a support ticket :slight_smile: