Changes to Ubuntu font


Has anyone else noticed a changed to the Ubuntu font with the bold setting selected? Now the font is displaying much more bold for me than it previously was.

I’ve also noticed that landing pages created in the past, that are still live, look different than new landing pages published with the same exact Ubuntu font and same settings applied.

Any feedback is much appreciated!!


Hi Quinn,

That definitely makes sense, I appreciate the in-depth response!


Hi there - we did make a small change to the page builder that affected bolded fonts. Previously, when a font was bolded in the editor, we didn’t use the actual bold version of that font, and instead added HTML tags to do the bolding.

This made fonts bolder, but the HTML tags meant it was up to a page visitor’s browser to determine how bold the font should be and that varies quite a bit between different browsers. 

We now include the actual bold version of your font, so instead of Ubuntu with bold tags around it, we serve the actual Ubuntu Bold font.

This means that you’ll see less variation in your fonts’ weights between browsers, but you may see some differences in how fonts appeared previously.

If you have any existing pages, the change will only be pushed live if you republish the page, so you won’t need to adjust anything until you make an edit to a page.