Capture Email First, Add Lightbox For Additional Fields


Hey guys I’m trying to maximize email submissions…right now I have a user entering their email and then that prompts a lightbox for first/last name…if they balk here is there a way I can still capture that email address they entered?

Also, how do I enter the label inside the field instead of on top of it? 

Here is the link…ignore the duplicate button:

Thanks guys!


Hi Reynold, 

It appears that you are using a separate page for your lightbox so the original page still records the conversion/email. 

Just make sure you’ve set your integrations/notifications for leads on the original page. 

If you want to have the field label inside the field, you can follow this guide. 


P.S. Here you can find a pretty comprehensive list of scripts, tips and tricks. 


Hey Reynold,

Welcome to the Unbounce community! I think what you’re looking for here is creating a multi-step form.

Let me know if that does the trick for you.


Stefano Apostolakos