Can you link to an external site from a custom CSS page?


I want to host a custom css landing page that will link out to content on another site. Is this possible or do all of the pages have to be hosted on Unbounce?  


Hi Tara,

I’m unsure what you mean, do you mean link to an external style sheet? Which is possible you just need to add a small snippet or code to reference the style sheets location.

If you mean just links to other pages or images/content stored on your own server then yes you can do that as normal as well just by providing their location etc.

You don’t have to keep all your content purely in unbounce, in fact some or it you can’t like referencing certain scripting libraries or Google fonts.

If you have a specific example that’s giving you trouble please feel free to shout out.




Thank you for your answer Stuart.

To give more info, the landing page will link out to a 100 or so external pages. I’m not sure if Unbounce will support that many links as Unbounce themselves don’t give much info on support for custom css.



Hi Tara,

If you just mean href links then yes no problem, from a landing page design perspective that’s a lot of leaks to other places that you can lose conversions from but it depends which side of the fence you sit on that argument.

If it’s 100 stylesheets that seems an awful lot, the more externally loaded stylesheets or scripts you have the slower the load time of the page will be and in today’s mobile world sometimes simple is better.

Anyway the upshot is yes, either way, you can do what your after.


Great point on the loading times. 100 stylesheets would seem a bit excessive, if that’s the case.