Can you capture referrer information in a Convertable?


Guys, hi. I’m curious.

Imagine a visitor lands on my site and, after visiting 3 pages, converts in a Convertable. Can I easily do the following?

  • Capture all referrer information (that came when the visitor landed on the site).
  • Capture the URL on which the visitor has landed (with all parameters in the URL).

As UB definitely places a cookie (to be able to trigger the Convertable correctly), I believe that this could be done almost natively.


Hi Adrien,

You should be able to do it but you need to store the visitor’s data into their browser’s local storage. (Assuming they don’t change browsers/devices you should be OK.)

Upon form submission, you can fill said information into hidden fields within your form.



Hristian, thanks for your help on this. Question: Do you have any link and/or documentation about that topic? Or is it something only you can help with if I contract you for this task? Thanks.


Hi Adrien,

I don’t have any documentation handy but a quick Google search should point you in the right direction.
You need to look for localStorage rather than sessionStorage.

I’ve done a few of these scripts for clients so feel free to DM me but any front-end developer should be able to help you.



HI Adrien - were you able to find documentation on this? I have the same issue and need to point our web developer somewhere to try and sort it out.