Can we get jobs as landing page designers? Seems like we are left out

I did a lot of research online on landing page specialist jobs. And there is none. I looked on GL, Linkedin, Google, and other job platforms
Seems like they either want a PPC marketer or a web developer. We , landing pagers, dont fit neither of these.

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Have you checked out Upwork? There are tons of requests for landing page work on there. :slight_smile:

@Hey_you_2020 what a great post.

I think landing page optimizers/designers/specialists are in roles where their titles are very custom to what they’re doing (making it impossible to be able to search for open roles). I’m in a similar role, “community management” means something different at every organization.

I’d actually love to see if I can loop in someone from human resources to give some insight into why that is, and how it’s managed for recruiting and job searching.

@Nicholas is right about Upwork. And, it may not necessarily be a long-term solution, but the #job-board allows folks to share their expertise with Unbounce pages. Might be something to keep in mind?

Stay tuned, I’m going to see if I can get some insights from one of my recruitment business partners.


Maybe try Fiverr as well. A couple folks in my office get help for odds & ends on that site.

Hi again, I spoke with a few folks here and got some interesting insights from @Oli_Gardner.


Interesting question. Hard to recruit when people don’t ascribe that skill to their titles, but I know that the “skill” labels are often used on LinkedIn as one of the things you are recognized as having proficiency in. Seems you have to have the recruiter/hiring plan to gain access to the filters that use this. I have lots of attribution for the landing page optimization skill, but these are things you have to create yourself I think, as opposed to skills that LI recognizes as their base “Industry Knowledge” tags. You can see in the screenshot that I have the skill listed but landing pages don’t appear anywhere in the industry knowledge section below it.

I’m also going to quote @Andrew who made an excellent point:


We need more of a CRO “Strategist” rather than a CRO/LPO “Implementer”. The tools are increasingly easy to use and accessible to almost anybody but the big gaps are in strategy/test design/analytics to inform an ongoing CRO strategy.

I’d really like to hear a recruiter chime in on this subject, feel free to share this post if you know someone :slight_smile:



Yes, but outside of Upwork. Theres none.

Landing page designer is a bit too specific for a full time position. Companies want a web designer to be able to design entire sites as well as emails, etc. Or in smaller companies with tight budgets that may fall to a marketer responsible for the entire strategy and execution.

If you’re looking for freelance gigs, then I would worry more about the value you provide than a job title. They may post seeking a PPC pro or web developer because they think those people have the skill sets they need. But what they really want is someone who can execute on their strategy, improve their conversation rate, etc. speak to that when pitching your services.

Best of luck!

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