Can Unbounce be used to create "modules" and be inserted as iFrames


Can Unbounce be used to create “modules” to insert as iFrames (or some other way) into an existing site? These would be simple like a “want to learn more?” button which would link to a standard unbounce landing page. Our site has a lot of content that attracts visitors from search engines. I want visitors to get the content they want but then want to direct them to our “offering” landing page. Can unbounce be used for the entire conversion process?


Hi Dan, sorry for taking a few days to comment on this.

The answer is, yes, you can! If you’re inserting an Unbounce page in an iframe, you’d need to adjust your links so that they open in the parent window, but other than that it should work…


Thanks Carl, I’ve actually gone ahead with this approach and it works GREAT! We can completely separate the admin of the marketing and visitor conversion from the admin of the site. Changes to copy and/or graphics for both the landing pages AND the associated small “call to action frames” on our regular pages are done in the Unbounce GUI frontend. There is just the initial one time setup of the iframe in the code for the actual site.

This now gives us the flexibility to have an individual or even a 3rd party responsible for visitor conversions without being dependent upon web-coding resources. An added benefit is the reduced (almost eliminated) potential for bugs and conflicts that seem to pop up whenever changing code on the main site.

Dan (Madison, WI USA)


Hi any idea hot to the form on the page to resolve in the parent window?

Thank you very much