Can someone kindly tell me why my conversion rate is 6 percent? I need the most honest crtique


Please help!


Hi GimJom!

I’d like to start off by saying that 6% isn’t _so bad. _But of course, there is always room for improvement!

I took a look super quickly before heading out for lunch, and will try to take a deeper look when I am back.

I was slightly confused with what you were asking me to do. Why exactly would I need to learn more? All of the information seems to be on the landing page, except for the price. Perhaps your call to action should be more straight forward? “Get a quote”.

The hero (1st panel) pic is cool, but perhaps it should be replace by something closer to the actual product. I am assuming that you are targeting people searching for “photo booths”, so in my experience, this is what they should see when they land. I would add a CTA button in your hero.

You should consider adding a “What our customers think about Suite Snaps!” panel. Testimonials help with building trust, thus lifting your conversion rate.

Lastly, I would add a header. Simply add your logo & phone number. Often times visitors prefer a call over a contact form!

P.S. Great resource from Unbounce about Conversion Centered Design.

I look forward to seeing some of the changes! If you have any other Qs, feel free to send them over!

Best of luck!

Stefano Apostolakos 


made some changes… can you check it out? thanks so much!


no - no - no



The page looks very good to me, have you tried doing any split tests at all? I would suggest trying some variation on the header text, something along the lines of how quick and simple it is for example?

I would also suggest trying making the button stand out more, maybe using a green and I saw an article on Unbounce once about adding “>>” to the button also to give that bit more of a visual cue. Also where the CTA is, I would put something about it being a no obligation quote. Make the button at the bottom of the page bigger and more prominent.

Remove the last name field and just ask for a name in one field, that way there is less to fill out.

Lastly, take off the telephone number field. In my opinion, thats always a scary thing to have when you first land on a page. You could always include a telephone box in your confirmation message thats optional, something like “If your enquiry is urgent we will call you”

I always feel that if you get at least an email on a paid for click, you can keep hitting them with your email marketing, but if you make a phone mandatory, some will enter a fake number, some wont fill it in at all and you get nothing.

Just my opinion but good luck and love the calender feature.



Hi GimJom!

Looking much better!

A last bit of advice: 

White space goes a long way. Try to space out your panels & elements within your panels. This will make more important information, such as your CTA, POP a little more!

Keep in mind that sometimes poor conversion rates aren’t always limited to the landing page design. The quality of traffic you are generating from your PPC campaigns is often the culprit.

Should you need anything feel free to give me a buzz!

Stefano Apostolakos 


  Stefano, your helpful posts make this a cool informative thread, and I appreciate the high level of support I keep seeing, with this being one example to add to several others I’ve experienced.

 I appreciate the lesson about the use of white space, and the phone # advice was thought provoking for me too, but I have to ask, because I’m a bit confused: is adding a phone # the one exception to the “one ad>one page>one call to action” rule? Or is that not a hard and fast rule, or did I simply misunderstood what I was learning in the courses?

 Maybe you can confirm or correct me on this: I suspect that since the conversion goal is the same, (an inquiry), and you’re just giving them two ways to inquire, perhaps the rule is really “one ad-one page-one conversion goal”, but two calls to action to give different people their least threatening or for whatever reason, their most preferred path to that goal are okay, as long as they aren’t competing links.

 Thanks in advance if you don’t mind clearing that up for me. Great thread!




Glad you appreciate my input, Greg! :slight_smile:

Phone numbers are generally perceived as the quickest path to getting in touch with a “human”. For the most part, my customers receive more calls than contact form completions so I feel that including a phone number is extremely important.

If you’re interested in tracking phone calls, check out CallRail!

If you have any other Qs feel free to fire away!

Stefano Apostolakos


 Thanks a lot for the reply Stefano; that makes a lot of sense to me. So I guess that means you need to either dedicate a line to each campaign, or adhere to a rigid protocol of always asking each caller what ad or site they were responding to when they called, in order to get the performance data you need, if the main number for the business is used.

 Your posts sounded so professional that I thought you were an employee of Unbounce,but it looks like I was wrong. That makes your replies all the more generous. 

 Thanks again, Greg


Hi Greg!

Thank you for the generous words. It’s an absolute pleasure! I’m just trying to make the internet a friendlier place, one post at a time :slight_smile:

Feel free to reach out should you ever need a hand with anything landing page or ppc related.

Stefano A.

**May the leads be with you!



Hey, I meant to thank you but gave you just a like. Thank you so much for taking the time to review my landing page… Do you work on PPC professionally? I need advice on adverts and adwords.


Hi GimJom,

Likes are just as good!

Absolutely. I work on PPC professionally across search engines (Google AdWords & Bing) as well as social PPC, remarketing & display advertising. We focus on generating high quality traffic to stimulate rich quality leads.

Give me a shout stefano[at]webistry[dot]com. Looking forward to chatting!