Can my unbounce landing page be imported as a new page on my Wordpress website?


Hello friends. I am wondering if I can import an unbounce landing page into my Wordpress web site as a new page so that anyone landing on the page would also land on my web site simultaneously. Thanks for the insights ahead of time!


Hi Darin! Unfortunately right now Unbounce pages can’t really be exported and then imported elsewhere, the published pages themselves are actually hosted on our servers.

So if you wanted somebody to see your Unbounce page while actually being at your Wordpress site, you may consider displaying the Unbounce page via an iFrame on a blank Wordpress site page. This way the user will be at your Wordpress site but still be able to see your Unbounce page, without navigating away from the site.

I should mention that this type of set up isn’t necessarily fully supported or what the Unbounce pages were originally made for so if you do choose to go this route, I would recommend testing it all out to make sure everything works.


Thanks Jacquelyn – good to know!


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