Can i use a script to speed up the page loading time?


Hi there

on my landing page there there’s about 25+ different similar pages and variants - but they all take a while to load… (they get around 40% on google’s ranking)

it’s viewable here:

is there any simple fixes such as a side-wide script which can speed things up as apposed to me going through and substituting all the imagery on every page with lower res versions?

or is there a way to replace the images stored on the Unbounce server so all the pages and variants automatically link up to the new ones?



Nice landing page!

Unfortunately, Unbounce does not optimize images much. Comment and like the following posts and maybe Unbounce will build out these features.


You page is 7mb which is massive - if any of our pages are over 1mb I’m looking at them closely.

The video is 2mb by itself - I don’t have much experience with video so I don’t know what can be done. But definitely reduce if you can.

Your images are all way to big - in terms of file size. For a very big background image I would expect it to be 70 to 120 kb ( and these generally the biggest in terms of size Ina page by some way). Other should range between 5kb to 40 depending on how big it need to display on your page.

I wrote a guide on this for our staff which I will post in a sec - it’s a comprehensive guide on getting image sizes down on pages.

#4!/eiQyRu/ You can see here which are the offending images. You can on googles tool also I’m sure.


Here is the guide