Simple Solution for Image Compression and Retina Images



This is an attempt to solve 2 major problems for Unbounce:

In the mean time, can you add basic support for image optimization services like the following?

  1. Add the javascript include that does all the heavy lifting.
  2. Change images to use “data-src” attribute instead of “src”
  3. Add a class to the image.

That’s it! Now I know what you are thinking… “Just use the add custom HTML.” But I want to SEE my images as I’m working on my page.

Do you have a hack day coming up? Put 2 hours into it and throw it in the “Labs Features” section. You would be heroes!!!

Can i use a script to speed up the page loading time?

Thanks for the heads up, Phillip!

I just caught up on your conversations with Justin on other threads and it sounds like you’ve tried it all. 
I can’t speak to what’s involved with adding image optimization services like the ones you mentioned so let us dig in to this a bit more to find out what’s needed. 

As Carter mentioned in other threads, Mobile Responsive is seeing some good adoption so Retina Image support is pretty high priority. 

In the meantime, I’ve added it to list of candidates for the next Ship It day (scheduled for the end of July). I’ll put together a rock solid case and do my best to make sure it gets picked up by someone. 

We’ll keep you posted on any updates and thanks again for sharing the knowledge!


Recently saw a blog post in which Unbounce used Cloudinary. That’s another service that completes the same objective.