Can I put my subscription on hold?


I need to make substantial changes to my product that will take a couple of months. I don’t want my landing pages visible at this time and of course I don’t want to be paying either. After my product changes are made I would like to resume using my landing pages as usual. So is there a way to put my subscription on hold?


Hey there Ryan! It’s definitely possible to ‘pause’ your subscription. All you’ll need to do is log in to Unbounce and cancel your account. Cancelling isn’t as scary as it sounds: it just places you on our indefinitely ‘free’ plan, meaning that when you’re ready to come back to us, you’ll just be able to log in and re-upgrade to a paid plan. We’ll hang on to your pages, leads and stats. 

Ryan, make sure your pages are unpublished if you don’t want them showing up online. It’s also worth mentioning that any custom domains you have added to Unbounce will need to be deleted when you downgrade to our free plan, but rest assured, they can be re-added later when you upgrade back to paid service!

Click here to cancel your subscription

Hope this helps out, Ryan! Let me know if you have any questions!