Can I place my unbounce pages into separate folders to make organizing all of my pages easier?


On the ‘pages’ page on unbounce, I have about 70 different pages for 3 different sites. Is there a way to create 3 folders (one for each site) and simply drop the pages for this specific sites into those folders at all? Would make my life easier…


Hi Steve, 
This is definitely possible within our account. If you check out this screenshot from my personal account, you’ll see that I’ve grouped pages into three different groups, which are Customer Tests, Justin’s Pages, and Polar Test. To set up your groups, just click + New Group on the lefthand side of your ‘All Pages’ view, and name your group. To add pages to this group, click on the gear icon and choose Add to Groups and choose the group you’d like to add this to. 

Just a quick note, the folders work in a tagging structure instead of a folder structure. This means that you’re essentially tagging each landing page, and the folder view will sort the pages based on the tag selected. So you could potentially have 1 landing page in multiple folders, and if you make a change to the landing page, the changes will carry across all folders. Let me know if this answers your question, Steve!