Can I localize prices / currencies using geo-targeting on Unbounce?


How can I localize prices on my landing page ($,Û, etc.)? I’d like to show a different price tag to people depending on where they come from (IP?).


HI Alexander - how are you driving traffic to your pages?

If you’re using AdWords, you could use geographic targeting and append the price as a URL parameter to each ad.

Then you could use Dynamic Text Replacement in Unbounce to change the price on your page based on that parameter.


Hi Quinn,

thanks a lot for your input. Dynamic Text Replaceent sounds great but sadly I don’t see the button in my text editor. Do I have to upgrade to a paid subscription first? The site is currently on the free plan.

Thanks & kind regards



Hi Alexander,

The Dynamic Text Replacement option is available on any of our Pro Plans. 

You can upgrade in the app, to a Free 30 Day Trial and test it out. The first month is always on us!

The really great thing about Unbounce’s Dynamic Text Replacementfeature is it is handled server-side which means it can help improve your AdWords Quality Score by ensuring message match from keyword, to ad, to landing page. 

It’s important to note that Google AdWords requires users to use their own domai** n** so you’ll want to upgrade before you start your PPC campaigns.
All Paid Plans in Unbounce give you access to using your own domain.

I’d love to hear how other Unbouncers in the community market to customers globally. Do you segment and advertise to your users with AdWords, or with other performance marketing tools?


Thanks, I just upgraded to a paid subscription.

I’m not sure if this is going to work though since I would have to encode four different prices (incl. special signs like “,” “.” Û and $) into the URL. I’ll try but it won’t be pretty. =D