Can I get your feedback on this landing page?


Anyone who visits this landing page has been referred here and is most likely interested in our product, so there should be little reason for them not to convert. We’re not seeing significant results yet.

If you can offer your constructive feedback, we’d greatly appreciate the 3rd party perspective! 


My feedback as someone who hasn’t been exposed to your service before:

The headline text and the button text don’t tell me anything about your service:


I don’t really understand what that means or what your service is. I would try changing your headline text to: "Share a mowing crew with your neighbours and lower everyone’s weekly mowing price. "

To be honest, after reading the description I’m still not that sure what the service is.

So maybe make that a little clearer, and fix the typos.



button text below the addresses says “below” but on click takes you up to the original form - all in all VERY WELL DONE


Thanks, Daniel. I appreciate your feedback. Like I said, whomever comes to this page has been referred to the page so they will already know what the product is and what this program is. It’s just about getting them to take that last step and sign the form. In this case would you still recommend that?


Thanks! Nice catch!


Hi Elizabeth!

Great page. The look is fairly simple & sleek. I would agree with the hero copy (in the first panel). If you’re sure that the visitor understand what it is that they are reading, then I guess it’s okay!

Here are some quick suggestions:

  1. Lighting up the copy in the hero. I like to use a strong Hero Text and add maximum 1-2 sentences of sub-copy to backup the offer.

  2. Consider adding testimonials to build trust. 

  3. Remove bleed links in the footer. I like to keep visitors focused on the CTAs.

Best of luck!

Stefano Apostolakos


Thanks for that! I made a few changes so far and like how it looks. Appreciate your feedback!



It is a very nice page. I have a few “tweaks” that you could try.

First, the form seems like it is right out of the editor. I’d try styling the font to better match the page. I can see why you want it to stand out and be different to catch people’s eye but you could do that with a border or shading behind it.

I’d also make the CTA match OR make it totally different. Instead of join now in a different color have the button match the other cta’s and try to be more direct with Sign Up or test the same cta Join My Flock.  Both could be good a/b tests.

I’d also tweak the styling of the copy in the big block in teal. The padding is inconsistent, and it doesn’t seem as though those elements relate to anything, they are just floating.

The only other things I would play with is moving some elements around on the page and test, test, and re-test. Try bringing up the testimonials above the how it works. Or maybe sprinkle them at a few points on the page.  Also at mobile, those testimonials are squished and I can’t read them.

It is a great page, and I think with some tweaking you could see some improvements in the conversion rate. Don’t forget to add a page title either, it makes it look more “legit” than