Can i export a template from unbounce to HTML/CSS?


As the title states,



Hi there, 

At this time, you can’t export Unbounce templates to HTML/CSS. 

You can, however, export an Unbounce template to be used in another Unbounce account. Handy if you are working with clients or if you want to make your template available for sale. 



This would be a pretty cool feature though! :wink:


Hi there,

Is the HTML/CSS export feature available already?

Many thanks,
Adel Grable


Hey Adel,

We don’t have that functionality at this time. If you’re looking to migrate your page to your own web hosting or to another platform you unfortunately wouldn’t be able to, the .unbounce file for the pages will have a lot of Unbounce code to make the pages work with our Builder, so they will be incompatible/un-readable by other platforms/your web hosting.

Hope that makes sense, if this feature becomes available I’ll update this thread.