Can I Change URL Parameter Name?


Hello all, I am setting up my page to pass URL parameter values from Adwords so that when a user hits the main quote process we can track back to the Adwords Campaign used.

The URL parameters passed are: ?mc=GCC16&adgroup=[GCC16%20-%20Brand%20Exact]&matchtype=[Exact]&keyword=&channel=googlepaidsearch&gclid=CLvUm_7llsQCFQMHwwodHVAAbQ

The mc stands for media code, I need a way of adapting the passed URL parameter name so it replaces the mc with MediaCode so would read:


any ideas how in can do this?

Thanks in advance


Are you using a hidden field? If so you can name the field “mc” and in the Webhook settings there is an option to translate the field from “mc” to “MediaCode”.

In the Webhook configuration, go to “Configure Field Mapping”, then when you select the “WebHook (POST to URL) Field” dropdown, at the very bottom of the dropdown list there is an option to add a field. Add “MediaCode” and map it to “mc”.