Can a CTA button jump to form on the same page?


I’m trying to keep everything on one landing page. I have a form at the bottom and the standard CTA button above the fold. I have the button linking to an html div with an id of form which I’ve positioned on top of the actual form. It functions correctly in Firefox but not IE. It tries to go to /landing-page/#form rather than /landing-page#form and ends up reloading the page from the top. There must be a solution for this. I’d prefer not to use an html extension as this is for AdWords.

Also, I can’t check the “share email with Unbounce” box below because I am working in a client’s account using their email. Would be better to provide an email address on this form.


Hi David,
Would you be able to send a link to your page (the one you see when looking at the page overview page in Unbounce - with the long weird URL) so that we can take a look for you?



Sure - I’ve already published it on a domain, actually:


Hi David,
I see what’s happening here.
You have a Custom HTML component with the

inside it.
You can remove this and then go into the text box for “Subscribe to The CEO Marketer” and do this:

  • click on the source button
  • add before the title. This will be the anchor point that your button links down to.

Let me know if you have any further problems.