Buttons with Rounded Corners


Buttons with Rounded Corners


Oli, as I raised in a separate idea, I would also like *boxes* with rounded corners. Primarily as a way of calling attention to certain points or other usage within a landing page.


Yeah, I misread the original comment. We will most likely be integrating rounded boxes at the same time we do the buttons feature.




Hi, are buttons with rounded corners implemented?


Hey guys, just a little update: most of the work is done to accomodate creating nice rounded button-y buttons in the editor (no images required!) so it’s likely to see the light of day in the next few weeks. We’ll update when it’s live!


Any news on the rounded corners feature–very important for modern web design.


Hi Gregory, we are juuuust about to move into a closed beta period for these new features! I’ll add you to the beta group if you like…


Hey guys,
You’ve probably seen the update already but for anyone who’s missed it: we have launched a whack of new features in the editor including rounded corners for buttons (and boxes and page sections!)