Button in Form Confirmation Dialogue Box Not Working



I’ve set up my landing page in two stages, firstly a form gathering information, which when submitted links to a second landing page which gathers the users contact details, and then when that is submitted it displays the form confirmation box, in which I have put a button which (when clicked) I would like the user to be taken to our website. As far as I can see I have done everything right but the button doesn’t do anything when clicked and eventually on desktop (once clicked several times) displays a message within the dialogue box saying “We’re sorry, but the link you followed appears to be invalid.”

I have found answers to questions about the dialogue box automatically redirecting to a URL after a certain time period but nothing related to buttons within the form confirmation… which makes me wonder, is this even possible? And if so, how do I go about it?!

I want the user to be able to choose to go to the site rather than it just re-directing…

Thanks in advance for your help :slight_smile:


Hi John,

Sorry to hear you’re having a few issues, I’m sure it’s nothing we can’t sort out though so that’s the good news!

There’s nothing stopping you using a button on the confirmation dialog page, it should just be as simple as adding a button and setting the URL for that button to point to. 

It should just be as easy as dragging the button from the left onto the canvas, then setting the URL on the properties pane on the right. Make sure your URL is correct and I would specify HTTP or HTTPS depending on what you prefer, also making sure you stick to your plan of using www or not, whatever the case may be. 

If you’ve done this and it’s still not working, triple check your assigned URL, if your getting that error message it’s usually because its either not been set properly or its a typo.  

Hope that helps,