Bullet Points: Color


Hi! I am new here and I have a small issue. I added a text box with bullets and I can’t understand how to change the bullets color. I use the editor to change the text, but the bullets stay black. Please advise!


Hello Naomi - editing bullet colour in HTML can be finnicky so your best bet might be to go with CSS instead.

Adding the following code to your page’s Script dialog will change your the bullet and text colour for all lists on your page to whatever you specify in the code. In this example, the code will change the bullet colour to gray:

 color : Gray; <br /> } <br /> </style>   

For alternate colours, just have a look at W3 Schools list here.

Hope that helps!


Anyone else with a problem with bullets color, size, shape, or alignment will find an answer here: https://community.unbounce.com/unbounce/topics/images-as-bullets-wont-stay-put?utm_source=notificati…

Really works - easy to implement with a bit of patience. Worked for me. Learned it in chats with UnBounce Success Coach.


Thanks again for sharing this, Gerry!


Hi, thanks for the information…

i need to use a different color for different bullet lists… ie some lists are in white, others in black…

How to do this? i would imagine a different code?