Bug when image background should be white or transparent



If I add a png image with either white or transparent background on a section which is white the image is published with a slightly grey background barely noticable - but it was noticed by one of our customers.
Example here: http://event.altfordamerne.dk/stot-br…
If you look at the 5 bubles upper right or at the bag mid page at right, both pictures have a slightly grey background.

Please try it yourself to see if you can recreate the bug.
Is it a bug? I think I have done everything right.

Best regards


Hey Lars - I think that png might have a background that’s slightly off-white. I removed everything but that image from a copy of your page and then put a png with a transparent background on the page for comparison and it’s displaying properly: http://unbouncepages.com/png-bg-test/


Thanks, Quinn - I think you’re right. Your test looks convincing, so I will digg further into what courses our images to have this off-white background.
Thanks for clarifying and sorry to bother you.


Hey Lars - happy to help out. And you’re certainly never bothering us!

If you dig in and see anything different, don’t hesitate to let me know here or via support@unbounce.com.


Hey Quinn, I have a similar or related situation, but the image’s transparent areas are showing up in black when I go to preview or publish.  It looks fine in the editor.  

Update.  I found that I was using a JPEG, and that format doesn’t support transparency.  Transparency seems to work in the editor view for objects that don’t support transparency so that’s a bit confusing.