Billing and clients


Hi, I am a ppc consultant and I created an Unbounce account, so I am the “owner”, and mine are the billing details.

At the moment I serve only one client with landing pages, and I get billed from Unbounce.
At the end of the month I bill my client documenting the cost of Unbounce I paid upfront (I have to for fiscal reasons).

The client asked me if he can pay Unbounce directly lifting me up from this charge upfront.
Unbounce support said this is not possibile.

What if tomorrow I will get another client needing Landing pages? I would get billed for two client with just one bill so I can’t proof properly the cost I paid upfront for each client.

MY REQUEST: the possibility to manage clients in my unbounce account letting client paying Unbounce with their preferred payment method!
More or less like Adwords: clients pay google and I manage their campaigns, Clients pay Unbounce and I manage their landing pages.


I’m also a PPC consultant. The thing is, if you add another client, the extra cost is very small. So like you, my clients pay their PPC bill directly, but I cover the cost of the unbounce.


why shoud I cover the cost of Unbounce?
Of course if my request is not possible, the Unbounce cost will be “hided” in my consultancy.
I thought transparence was better in clients relationships.


Well because you handle multiple clients and so covering the cost of the unbounce works out cheaper than each client having their own account.

My monthly unbounce bill is $150, I have 4 clients on it. If each client had their own account it would cost them a total of $400/month. 


fair enough.


Another option could be to have access to a white-label version of Unbounce, like Campaign Monitor does for agencies :wink:


Hi Paolo! Thanks for all this.

Right now there are a couple of options you can pursue:

  1. Get your clients to sign up for their own Unbounce account and get them to add you as an author or admin user on their account so you can create and publish pages for them. This way would in fact cost more for each of your clients as they would be paying for the full price of Unbounce each time.

  2. Like Daniel mentioned above, if you add more clients to your account at a cost of $10 each, you would only minimally be increasing your overall cost each time you add a client and would save over time. This is the structure we typically recommend and the explanation of how and why you should set it up this way can be found in our new agency ecourse here (under sections 2 & 3). Not only can you gain some cost savings for you and your client, but you’ll also benefit from a better workflow by setting up your account with the Clients structure.

You would probably find this Workshop helpful as well :slight_smile:

Paolo, how do you typically bill clients? Retainer? Hourly? By project? If you go with the billing method #2 above, your cost of Unbounce per client would actually decrease if you divide the total cost by how many clients you have using it.

And you can still maintain transparency in any caseÑjust explain to your clients like Disruptive Advertising and Titan PPC do in this ecourse section (the one mentioned previously).

I’m wondering, would you be willing to jump on the phone for a bit so we can chat more about your thoughts on Unbounce pricing for agencies? We’re doing a bit of research and trying to find out what is ideal for our agency customers :slight_smile: If so, please send me an email: