Basic Lead Generation template - broken CSS in IE6 on wide screens


I used Basic Lead Gen Template to create a new page. I published the page without any changes in provided template. The page looks fine in Firefox and Chrome. However, there are problems with CSS in IE6 on wide screens (my resolution is 1920x1200). I didn’t test the page in Safari and other version of IE.


Hi Alex,

Sorry to hear there was an issue with this.
Would you be able to provide us with a screenshot so we can see what’s going on?

You can email it to or add it in here.



We got your screenshot and will take a look into this. Thanks for reporting the bug Alex.


I too have problem with IE6 that has come about over the past few days. Looks like its a wide screen. BUT it was OK when this page was originally published a week or so ago, this is a recent issue. can’t pin down the date exactly though.



Its a general IE6 problem I think.…


Hi David - thanks for the comment!

Yes, this is an IE6 issue. I realize we have been a bit quiet on this thread since the original post. Just want to say that it is on our radar and we are working on it.