Back buttons


Is there a quick way to have a button send the user BACK to the page they were on before they hit the landing page?

Send user back to previous page with text link

And as a note, I’d like this button to live on the form confirmation dialogue, but even having this on the page itself would be useful.


Hey Derek - really sorry about the delay getting back to you here. Your best option is to make a button that has the text “#back” as the link, and then paste this in the Scripts section (place in the ‘Head’)

jQuery(function() {  
jQuery("a.lp-pom-button[href='#back']").click(function() {  
return false;  

Let me know if that works!


Thanks Carter…it’s not working…I put the script in Head, linked button to ‘#back’, and placed a link TO the page here: - the page with back button is…


ahh sorry I made a pretty dumb mistake there – 'javascript:go(-1)" should actually be “history.go(-1)”. I’ve made the change above, so try copying and pasting the script again.


Thanks man! Listen I have an email from you via Oli about recording the page a vistor came from, and we haven’t been able to figure it out…could I shoot it over to you with our confusion, or would you want to have it up here as a resource?


Jumping in on a super old thread. Hope @Carter or someone else is still monitoring??

How can I add this same functionality to a text link?

Thanks in advance!