Automating Championship


We need to have a way to automatically champion variants based on their performance. Right now, that is a manual check and change process. For example, if we have two variants and one has a conversion rate of 15% while the other is at 7% and it’s at a 80% (or whatever percentage we deem right) confidence, we should automatically get rid of the 7% variant and run the variant converting at 15%, 100% of the time.


I think it’s a good suggestion. It would be good if you could set the minimum impressions, before the automation kicked in.


Yes, we need to be able to set logics, such as mimimum # of impressions and minimum confidence percentage.


Great idea Mia - we’ve talked about this since day one and are at a point now where we’re hoping to focus some effort on testing in general, automation included. We also want to offer better reporting on traffic sources, multiple conversion goals, etc… As we hire more developers to help us out (one just started last week, woohoo!) you can expect this stuff to happen quicker.



Would be amazing to have the ability to create custom triggers/rules based on collected data. For instance, I would love to be able to setup a trigger that automatically turns off traffic to a landing page once it becomes a statistically significant loser.

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