Any PPC course recommendations?

I am looking to start a new PPC course specifically focused on google ads at the moment. Since platforms change so rapidly, I am looking for something sort of recent. I want to learn from the best, anyone have any recommendations?

Someone better respond to my thread before I start talking to myself

Oh dear, sorry about the radio silence @justjosh, weekends can be a bit quiet here in the community. I’m going to loop in @Stefano @Andrew and @Jonathan for some PPC course advice.

I’ll reach out to some members of our marketing team as well to see if there’s anything they’ve come across. Stay tuned!


Hi @justjosh! This course is quite excellent. It SHOULD be updated for the new changes, but I would double check if I were you.

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Hi Jonathan,
I have that one. Its a great course and Isaac is a great instructor, but he recently updated a decent amount of the lessons and I feel like he tried to go for a timeless format with less screen time, which made it a little more difficult to follow along. Also, in the example campaign he is focusing on E-Comm and I am trying to generate leads for a service business. Thank you for the input though! I actually just purchased Johnathan Danes course on Conversion XL so I will let you know my feedback when I finish it

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Thanks Jess!

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I’ll keep an eye out for the next best thing! If you ever have questions feel free to reach out.

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Following along so I can learn as well. I haven’t evaluated public PPC courses recently so I’m sure my knowledge is outdate. Looking forward to updates as you report back.

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I’m still awaiting the return of PPCweek! Maybe there is something in those videos you will find helpful.

And this isn’t a course, but it’s a note I always share with those wanting to learn more about PPC… Considering your market and the possible reach of your ads, you can write different headlines and copy.

Writing four different headlines:
1 - Name The Activity
2 - Mirror The Need
3 - Make A Promise
4 - Offer Information

Hi Kyle, I got the video’s from Meg from PPC week, did you get them? I have only gone through one so far but it was very informative. I can’t believe it was free.

Also, thanks for the four headline tips!

Course Review update: Johnathan Dane’s course was good, it was not a beginner course. 3 days after I finished it, it was renamed on Conversion XL as an intermediate course. It was a lot of information, fast paced, and very compact (all lessons = 2 hours). Isaac’s course(listed above) is A LOT longer and much more detailed. I will probably go back to review that one after I finish my google tag manager course.

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts here about this, Josh. Feel free to share any links you think may be helpful here, I’d love it if this became a thread full of recommendations to help marketers take their skills to the next level.

Johnathan Dane’s Google PPC course
Total Length:2 Hours
Level: Intermediate

Isaac Rudansky’s Google PPC Course
Total Length: 25 Hours
Level: Beginner to Advanced


Update: More Course Reviews

Michael Aagards Conversion Rate Optimization Course -
Total Length - 10 hours
Level - Beginner - Intermediate

Review: This course is a must take. If you don’t know Michael Aagaard he used to work at Unbounce working on their internal conversion optimization. He has a wealth of experience, and he is a great instructor. It’s everything page conversion related down to a science. It completely changed the way I think about the landing page experience.

Chris Mercer’s Google Analytics Beginner Course -
Course Duration: 9 Hours
Level: Beginner

Chris Mercer’s Google Tag Manager Beginner Course -
Course Duration:
Level: Beginner

Review: Chris is an amazing instructor, Data seems like a stale topic to teach and he did his best to make it interesting and interactive. It will help tremendously if you go through the steps on your own google analytics and tag manager account while going through the course. I would recommend starting with the Tag Manager course and doing the analytics course after.

Form Optimization Course -
Course Length: 3.5 hours
Level: Beginner

Review: I took this after taking landing page optimization course, and honestly I didn’t learn much. Most of the information was either covered in the course or fairly common sense. I think if you’re new to this, there is a lot to learn from this course, it’s short and snappy.


If you’re serious about learning digital marketing and can afford the time and the expense, the CXL Institute subscription is well worth the investment.

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