Announcing Unbounce's AMP Alpha :amp:



Incase you missed @Cole_Derochie’s post, I thought I’d share with the community…

Unbounce is kicking off work towards an AMP Alpha on Wednesday, April 11th :tada: :amp:

What is AMP?
The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project is an open source initiative that makes it easy for publishers to create mobile-friendly content once and have it load instantly everywhere. But I like @jcronin’s definition better:

So, what’s next?

Our high-level plan:

Our goal for this first iteration (Alpha) is to: Enable a small group of customers to build click-through AMP pages with Unbounce.

This real-world usage will help us scope and define what our release plan looks like - the AMP solution we’re delivering now is only the start of what we intend to go to market with.

Alpha :point_right: Closed Beta :point_right: Open Beta :point_right: General Availability :point_right: Public Launch

After we complete this work and begin to get some real usage, we’ll be able to better identify the top priority items and continue to work towards a more robust AMP solution with confidence.

We at Unbounce understand the demand for AMP and mobile page speed improvements is very real. Invites to our Alpha will go out in the coming weeks. To start, access will be limited so that we can more easily manage and address issues with focus. Once we iron out the initial kinks, we’ll move to a Closed Beta and open up usage to more participants.

We’re really excited to be kicking off this project and can’t wait to help you build faster, high-converting campaigns!

If you are interested in participating in the earlier phases of Unbounce AMPs, please sign up here. :amp:

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Please add us to alpha :slight_smile:


This is awesome, great work :raised_hands:t3:


What is AMP? (Clearly I’m not the target market for this capability :wink: )


This is awesome!!! I filled out the form please add us!!


Accelerated Mobile Pages enables blazing-fast page rendering and content delivery on mobile.


Well said!

Beyond thrilled for this! :nerd_face:


Very cool. :slight_smile:

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This is awesome, thank you!!!


Why pursue this? Google is basically abandoning AMP as it currently stands and making all pages pre-load in the future. Will Unbounce change course if AMP isn’t required? Because a lot of marketers feel that Google played the wrong hand trying to own pages with AMP and are glad it’s losing support. I’d hope Unbounce also pulls back on support for such a proprietary concept, especially when Google itself is reeling back on its AMP plans.


Hey Tom, thanks for your feedback!

We’ve done our research and at the end of the day, faster pages generally mean higher conversion rates - which is why we’re moving forward with this initiative.

AMP is open-source, and it’s up to the user to test if an AMP is working better than their regular pages, and if they’re not - they can use their discretion to make that call.

From what we have gathered from our discussions with Google and their AMP related events, it appears that their support is still there. Curious if you wouldn’t mind sharing where you’ve seen otherwise.

That being said, we are approaching this Alpha thoughtfully and cautiously, with our customers’ best interest (and conversion rates) in mind. Thanks again for your feedback, Tom!

See you in the forums :slight_smile:


Thanks for your reply.

AMP is only faster if the landing page is clicked as a result in the search results in Google. It’s because google pre-loads AMP-ready pages in the search results, as I understand it.

I’m sure as part of your AMP efforts you are making other speed optimisations and they are more than welcome. Glad to hear you are considerate of speed.

I guess it depends if you’re pursuing Google’s original format for AMP or the more recent one where they proposed alternatives in I think Jan/Feb. The old one was “open” but held in poor regard by many. The newer one seems to be more an open standard. I don’t know all the ins and outs so your team is probably on the case. The barometer will be, are you talking about AMP events that your team visiting in or before 2017, or the last couple of months?




Hey Tom, Matt here from the Unbounce AMP dev team. Thanks for the feedback!

When we set out to do this project the goal was build faster unbounce pages. In order to do this we had to fundamentally change the way we render pages. Over the course of this project we’ve written a new rendering system from the ground up that’ll allow us to output smaller, more performant pages. Outputting AMP compatible html is essentially a byproduct (and one of the smaller parts) of the real goal which is faster and more optimized page rendering system.

The changes Google is making to AMP isn’t as much about AMPhtml or the project but rather allowing pages that meet a certain speed criteria into Google’s amp ecosystem (like the top stories carousel and instant-load caching) even if they weren’t written in AMPhtml. If for whatever reason Google does decide to completely abandon the AMP project, we’re still in a great place because our new page renderer is going to continue offering a better, faster experience for all unbounce pages going forward.


That’s perfect, thanks for taking the time to share some details with me. All the best.



Would it be possible to get to join the AMP-beta?


Hey @Daniel_Sandvik – if you drop your email on this landing page, we’ll reach out to you when we move into open beta. The beta will be available to Unbounce Premium & Enterprise customers.