Announcing Marketo Integration - Early Access


Hey Everyone! 

I’m very excited to announce that we are ready to open the doors for early access for those interested in using Unbounce and Marketo together. This integration will be available to Unbounce customers on a Pro plan or higher. 

Our amazing team here at Unbounce was able to exceed expectations and deliver a basic Marketo/Unbounce Integration in record time and that means we are ready to push this integration into the hands of the Unbounce community for feedback.

If you’ve already signed up for early access, you will have received (or will receive shortly) an email with an introduction to our SHINY NEW MARKETO INTEGRATION and a confirmation that it has been turned on in your account. 

If you have not already signed up or did not receive an email and would like to try out the Marketo Integration please email us at and we will add you to the early access group. 

With this integration you will now be able to send leads collected in Unbounce directly over to Marketo - no work arounds required! 

You will now be able to: 

  • Have lead data captured through Unbounce, available in Marketo and have this trigger certain marketing automation activities, and YES that means using Unbounce forms!

  • Specify which Marketo lists are available during the integration setup so that you’re able to choose which lists you want to send leads to.

  • Map Unbounce fields to Marketo so lead data is pushed through correctly.

  • Be able to tell if there was/is an error when sending leads from Unbounce to Marketo so that you’re able to easily resolve the problem.

  • Send Unbounce metrics to Marketo with each lead submitted so that you’re able to better understand your leads.
    Currently you will not be able to: 

  • use progressive profiling or social autofill for forms 

  • Automate Munchkin tracking (for the initial release). However, Copying + Pasting munching tracking as Javascript into the Unbounce page will still allow for some tracking. 

Further details on this integration and setup instructions can be found on this Support Doc for setup instructions and we are keeping a list of Known Issues to continually update you on any bugs we uncover.

We look forward to your feedback! 



=) Awesome!!!


We’ve officially released our  Marketo Integration  to the public, so if you’re on a  PRO99  plan or up, you can take advantage of this integration  right now!  Head here to learn more.