Always on top menu in Landing Page


For longer pages I would like to create a menu that stays always on top, even after scrolling down on the page.
Would it be possible to have a section of the page (or several buttons/images) stay on top all the time?

Thank you


I would really like to know an easy way to do this too. I like the web + mobile site templates, but they include no menu buttons or Nav Bar at the top at all, which really seems necessary for visitors to jump to the individual sections instead of just scrolling. Thanks


I think its because a landing page is not like a Home page, its better not to use a navigation if you want focus on conversions.


Typically, with a landing page, that’s correct. You don’t want extra links that may distract from your CTA, so landing pages typically don’t have any additional navigation. This is also why we don’t have a menu builder built into Unbounce at all.

That said, if you do have a specific use-case where you’re looking to embed a menu, you can use a custom HTML element to code it in. And here’s a quick tutorial about adding fixed position elements, which will make the menu stick–it does require some html/CSS coding though:…