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This is the Unbounce Community.

You can ask or answer lots of different types of questions about digital marketing in our community, but in this particular thread, I want to know…

Who are you? What’s your name, job, what are your interests? And what marketing problem are you struggling with right now?

If you’re open to sharing your problem, Unbounce employees and community members will do everything we can to help you out. There’s no judging. We’re all friends here :slight_smile:

Introduce yourself to the community! :wave:

I suppose I’ll kick things off!

I’m Corey Dilley, the director of campaign strategy at Unbounce. We’ve recently reorganized our department into small squads. Each squad handles a particular stage of the Customer Journey (Awareness -> Evaluation -> Adoption -> Growth). I head up the Evaluation Squad, who’s responsible for increasing the conversion rate of people who are evaluating our product and deciding whether to start a trial. That includes both people we can reach via email and those we can’t.

Personally, my biggest challenges are mostly management related (time/people management). I think the biggest marketing-related challenges my team faces when trying to inspire leads to become customers is the ability to identify people by the types of problems that Unbounce can solve for them, then speak to them in a relevant way. Although I feel we know our customer pretty well, we haven’t had a tool like personas to rally around for quite some time, which makes it difficult to be very relevant to more than 1 type of person at a time.

We’re just now implementing HubSpot and we’re working on our personas, which we can feed into the platform, so I think that’ll help… but if anyone has any advice on how to get to the promised land faster, or if you’ve seen times when we’ve missed an opportunity to be relevant in our marketing, I’d love to hear it.

Looking forward to meeting everyone and learning more about what we’re all struggling with :slight_smile:


Hi.  I’m John from the UK.  I just got your new Email in my inbox so thought I’d introduce myself.  I am new to this.  Like 6 months in.  I am trying to change careers to become a Small Business Digital guy.  I design and build websites, host them and then market the business via PPC/SEO, Social Media and Email marketing.  So kind of a one stop shop.  

As I said.  I’m new to this so will just be lurking in the shadows absorbing whatever I can around my main job until I get this thing off the ground and it enables me to be self emplyed.

Take care




Great email, Corey! :slight_smile:

I’m Vadim from Russia. Actually I run a coulpe of small businesses focusing myself on internet-marketing side.
Unbounce blog and email list often gives great ideas to implement in my practice. So I’m here ready to learn :slight_smile:

Best regards, Vadim



Loved your email, Corey :slight_smile: I’m a Marketing Manager at the IT industry.

I really like Unbounce and the way you guys are doing things.

Keep up with the good work!




hi there, i’m curious at how best to re-use our content (we’re a publisher) to best marketing effect without disrupting, nay enhancing, the trust and reputation in our service and brand

thanks, John


Nice email, Corey. 

Hi, I’m Rory. I write a lot of technical and event-focused content to get the open source software community excited, educated and up to speed. I think there’s a lot of great advice from the good people at Unbounce to help me do my job as well as I can.

If I could get back to Corey’s email for a second though, I have a question: Do you see authenticity as a rising strategy in content marketing?

Let me back up a bit. Corey, your email was super earnest and didn’t come across as sales-y or too good to be true. You know the ones, messages that are over promising TONS of leads, clicks, conversions and all that. I think the authentic tone works well in email marketing, but can you see a similar approach being put in play on landing pages, in social or any other digital channels? Do you know of any brands that do this and pull it off?

Curious to hear your thoughts.





I am Claire; I work for myself as a Content Strategist for Virtual Business Solutions. The biggest marketing problem I have is that I very recently narrowed down the focus of my business to Content Strategy, and because of this, I have no proof of a start to end accomplishment in this area, which prevents me targeting the high quality clients I want. I have pockets of proof, but not the whole deal.

I am also so busy working on stuff NOW so that I can live that I don’t have time to put things in place to secure better quality and ongoing projects.

Another issue is that due to lack of finances, I can’t use the tools I want to use to make my service better (although to be honest, having a lack of funds for this has made me have the good skills I do which I pass on to my small biz clients).

Lastly, I am obsessed about target audience persona research but find it hard to do, so if you are thinking of building some kind of tool or something for this…happiness…

So there you go :slight_smile: That’s my mouthful.


Hi, I’m Myles from Montreal Canada. I got your email and I enjoy the Unbounce brand. My friend began to work for Unbounce probably 2 years ago now and I looked into what you do. That’s why I’m on the list. At the time, I was a startup CEO with a seed round. Since then, I’ve had to walk away from that startup, but a learned a lot. Since I’ve joined the email list, I’ve also graduated university with a double major in IT and Finance. 

So what am I up to now? I actually began to work for the company my father started in 1977. Over the years, the company has been very successful, but it is now at the end of its life cycle, and I am on board to create the next generation of products and services. 

The company is an enterprise application and data company that focuses on the challenges of integrations and transformations of data. We have been dealing with Fortune 500 companies mostly, with several medium-large sized enterprises as well. Previously, product delivery was physical (think CD-ROM). Now it is usually via FTP, or even our team will go on-site (to help with the set-up and config, as well as some best-practices knowledge transfer), and I’m in charge of moving products towards a download and self-configuration model that is purchased on a subscription model. 

I have also been implementing SEO strategies on our new website I put together. I look to Unbounce emails and content for ideas on best practices in building and tracking marketing funnels. I also am inspired by the content marketing strategy that Unbounce uses, as it is something I wish to implement down the road. 

Anyways, that’s it for now. Have a great day!




Why not reply to such a well written mass email! :wink:

My name’s Magnus, from Norway, and I’m currently using Unbounce as an online marketer for a company called Vitamail. Also used Unbounce to create a landing page for my local american football team, resulting in a bunch of new players at practice.

I’m currently in the midst of starting up my own CRO company, where Unbounce and Campain Monitor will be the two main platforms I’ll be working with.

Finally, I’ll be heading to Vancouver in June for Call to Action 2016. Looking forward to seeing some of you there!



Hi Corey and All,

I cannot believe I actual read your email! Nowadays I just delete emails because I receive so many but this approach is interesting (until everyone starts doing it and it becomes overused). 

I am a conversion sepcialist, have been running A/B tests and research for over 6 years and I love it! I love to understand how users behave. 

Issues I am facing today, the balance between personalization and keeping samples healthy for A/B testing. 

I look forward to your thoughts 



Appreciate the authentic email as well Corey.   I clicked!  I’ve been keeping my eye on unbounce for a while now.  Seems like a quality solution that will save time and take away a huge amount of the guess work and test campaigns.  I want to do a trial ASAP.

Cody Pitchford



I help people take better care of their hearts - naturally.

My company, Nucardia, wants to make the dietary supplement industry more human and less… dietary.

I loved your email Corey! I’ll be hanging out so that some of that magic rubs off on me and my team.


Thomas Guyton
Founder / Nucardia Heart Support


Hi Corey,

I enjoyed your a-typical email, and evidently it was compelling enough to convince me to write you here in the forum. I manage the digital marketing department of a small branding & design firm in Grand Rapids Michigan called Deksia. My responsibilities consist of implementing lead generation PPC campaigns for small businesses mostly. As a digital marketer for small local business, I can tell you that their advertising dollars are scrutinized daily. Thus, it is incredibly important that my department provide a return on advertising spend month over month to our clients.

They not only want to know visitors on their website, but most of them also demand to know whether or not the phone calls resulting from the ads scheduled appointments or not! We’re hoping to take digital advertising accountability to the next level by offering call reporting and screening on almost all of our digital campaigns that promise lead generation.

We are passionate about business transparency, and I hope to make a difference in the perception that online advertising is a waste of money or just “smoke & mirrors”

Unbounce allows me to quickly create landing pages with easy drag and drop design elements (I am not a designer) while easily being able to implement code (I am also not a developer). The ability to easily track leads that are generated from my landing pages is invaluable to me and my clients. By following this forum I hope to improve upon my understanding of using landing pages and increase the number of leads I deliver to my clients via online advertising campaigns. 




I’m a Co-Founder of Workshop Digital, a marketing agency in Richmond, Virginia. Long-time Unbounce user and #1 fan. Thanks for opening up the conversation, Corey! 

We’re big fans of trying out new features and hacking Unbounce to do things that maybe weren’t fully intended by the dev team, but somehow find their way into their release cycle (fixed headers, parallax scroll, lightboxes, etc.) 

We’re looking forward to seeing what comes next!


Hi everyone! 
I am Francesca, from Brescia, Italy. I got back home just 2 month ago: previously I lived in Milan, Italy, and 4 years in London, UK.

I am a freelance Content Strategist/ Social Media Manager, but I am also a Graphic Designer, an Illustrator and a Wordpress Designer.

I am working in the field since almost 4 years now, but I am always looking for new stimuli and new marketing strategies.

Nice to virtually meet you all!



Hi Corey, 
At Moondog Marketing here in Sweden, we use Unbounce with lots of our customers’ campaigns. In fact, it’s funny you mention Hubspot in your email. We recommend Unbounce pages because we prefer a dedicated solution to the integrated pages in Hubspot’s system. 

The biggest issue we have as an agency is finding the best way to sew a variety of products together for clients. They often have made their choices and don’t want to listen to other recommendations. Especially if they are very expensive. 

I love the content you guys provide and we recommend your podcast to lots of people. Maybe your email should highlight the best audio content you produce and continue to educate people looking at using landing pages. 

What I really miss is a dedicated list for agencies working with Unbounce. We’d like to have more advice and help on how to integrate it deeper into client contracts. 

CEO, Moondog Marketing


Hi everybody.

I’m Brice, CEO of Emakina Group (ticker: ALMEK). We’re a full service digital transformation agency located in Europe. 700 people in Belgium, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, … We’re specialized in stellar User Experience. We build websites, e-commerce, apps, run advertising, activation and CRM campaigns.

Our challenge is B2B : getting noticed by global brands or multinationals so they invite us to pitch for their projects or digital agency pitch. We do not have offices in London, or the US so that is a real challenge.

I have the utmost respect for Unbounce that I have been watching since their early versions and I read religiously their emails. You’re one of my favorite source of insights on conversion optimisation tools. 

Thanks for reading, Brice


Nice approach Corey. Yes, I have been attending Unbounce webinars for a while. I tend to register for more than I attend because the usual webinar hours don’t fit that well with Australian hours. I have learnt a lot from your webinars.
I am in the middle of a full website rebuild at the moment. When that is up and running I may sign on. However, I sell time in holiday homes and many of my customers are not that web savvy. Most of them will only come back every 3-4 years so it is not like I get a lot of repeat business. I am just not sure how or where your landing pages would fit into my business at the moment.



My name is Jesse and I am currently in Nairobi, Kenya where I freelance as a campaign and content strategist.

I have worked in the field almost 5 years now and I’m always on the lookout for better ways to inspire customers to use products.

That was a beautifully written email.