Allow hidden checkbox for autoresponder triggering


Integration with Salesforce and Unbounce has happened which is great.

I would like to suggest something that needs developing in Unbounce and that is: a hidden checkbox needs to be added/ developed so that when an enquiry hits salesforce, an autoresponder email can be triggered.

This is a feature that is vital to our sales process and I’m sure many others out there would agree with me here - that autoresponder emails are a vital part of the sales process.

At present this is not available in Unbounce - which means that we are going to have to seek alternative solutions for our landing pages so that our sales process is not negatively impacted.

At the moment there is a checkbox functionality however it is visible on the form and it does not trigger an autoresponder.

I hope that this can be developed in Unbounce.


Hi Lauren,

We’ve been working with another company, CloudSnap, to bring our Salesforce integration to all account levels and it’s possible that you could achieve the functionality you need using their service. You can sign-up for a free CloudSnap account here and can see how to set it up in this video they put together.

I hope this helps and would love to hear your feedback.