Adding variant layout to multiple pages


We have multiple landing pages with the same design but the content changes on each page. We would like to incorporate new design/layout changes as a variant for each of these pages. I know how to add the new layout as a variant but your system only allows for this to take place one page at a time. Can you please add the functionality of adding a page as a variant to multiple pages? Adding a variant one page at a time for a 100+ page is time consuming and cumbersome. This would make life much easier. Thanks


We partially rectified the this problem by creating one master page and inserting multiple dynamic text fields. However, our url strings are getting extremely long and we are still trying to figure out how to change larger portions of text. Hopefully we can find a solution that works efficiently. 


Hi Grant,

What you are doing is really interesting and I must say that I am curious at to what level it can be executed before efficiency undermines conversion effectiveness.  Props on crafting a viable solution and it sounds like you may have reached the point where it has gone haywire for many of us in the past.  (Feel free to provide more details of your specific case so that we can try come up with a solution for your specific case.)

So my question to you and the community is at what point does dynamic text become too algorithmic to be effective and what has your experience been in overcoming the inorganic feel that can result from “deep sea dynamic text-ing”?   :-) 

For example, a leather store may have the various types of leather, colors, product applications, sizes and benefits etc. that if manually crafted can culminate perfectly into one niche landing page that matches customer XYZ’s needs to the T.  On the other hand, with extreme dynamic text-ing, the benefit statements and the elements that we hope to optimize for higher conversions might become hindered due to the restrictions of the broad applied “formula”.  From my limited experience, there seems to be a threshold where the dynamic text ends up culminating into a mechanical and ungenuine slop of parameters.  

Leather horse saddles seem hard to have grouped in one dynamic landing page with leather workout gloves…but maybe I am just behind on my research and in over my pay grade :slight_smile:

To summarize, how can this be implemented broadly and to the fullest degree without sacrificing our conversion rates?

Thank you for sharing this with the community!  Hope that we glean some new insights from an open community dialogue about the solutions, pros and cons of taking dynamic text past this threshold.  

Warmest regards,



Our solution can be read here: