Adding unbounce landing pages to the Squarespace website



I have created a website using SquareSpace. But we get most of our customers vis Adwords - via specific landing pages. For these 5-10 landing pages we want to use Unbounce.

So, is it possible to integrates these 5-10 pages created by Unbounce on the website created by Squarespace?

I don’t want to use only Square space - as there is a lot of limitations on that for landing pages as compared to Unbounce. Also, I don’t want to build the whole website using Unbounce! :slight_smile: I really do need the both together. Can this work? Do let me know.




Hi Arjun - To clarify, Right now you have a domain that contains your squarespace website, and you would like to share this domain with your Unbounce landing pages? If so, this is possible, but your landing pages will have to be under a subdomain in order to co-exist with your existing squarespace pages.

If your squarespace page is at you can have your landing pages on a subdomain such as or


Hi Johnny,

How do we go about setting up the “SubDomain”?

Thank you


Hi Luis, 

Here you can find the documentation from Squarespace about creating a subdomain.

After that, you need to follow the Unbounce instructions to finish the setup from within Unbounce.