Adding link to website Database within UnBounce landing page


I’m building a 2-step form per UnBounce online instructions:  First page, we offer free sample; if user accepts, we collect name and email and pass them to second page with instructions for obtaining it. User needs to furnish a Dr. Name etc. At our website, we have built in db of participating drs. and pharmacies where free offer can be redeemed.

Question: Any way, without redirecting user to the website, so we keep them within the landing page, to link those lists so user can easily select the Dr or pharmacy or provide new dr info; either case, we could want to collect the choice in Salesforce/Mailchimp etc., rather than adding the choice to the already existing db of docs/pharms.

UnBounce support says no can do and suggests a post here to see if any of you community brainiacs can offer suggestion. 

Thanks ahead,


Hi Gerry

I don’t think this is possible - the landing page would need access to your database via something like an XML feed - and as far as I know Unbounce doesn’t have that capability.

How is traffic coming to your landing page ? From where ?