Adding a page to my domain


I have a domain in place that is a general landing page, I want to create a page for specific vehicles to the domain, can I? For instance, if i wanted to create pages that for my inventory,;;; thanks in advance!



Hi Michael - You can add as many pages as you need to under your domain. If you create a new page (or edit and existing one), on the overview of that page, you can use the change URL function to set both the domain (from the dropdown menu that appears) and the actual page name that appears after the domain to anything you’d like.


I guess I was looking for something a bit different. I wanted to keep the as a ‘main’ landing page and create individual landing pages on;, etc., and have different landing pages for each model, ie. F150, Fusion, etc. Is this possible?


Hi Michael - sorry if my first response wasn’t clear. You can do just that.

Just create your new page, publish it under and then add Ford_F150 as the second part of the address (where I have mailchimp-test in the image above). Then create your next page and set that page name to using the same process.


Thanks for your help Quinn, I am all set now!