Add a progress bar for leads?


I want to send a campaign where people can have acces to a course.

The course have limited spots available, so I want to add a progress bar that tell the visitors what percentage of the spots have been filled.

This has to be updated automatic when a new lead in unbounce fills the form??

Does anyone know how to do this, or is it an option in unbounce??




Hey Diego,

To achieve something like this, you’d have to have a programmer build that widget using Unbounce’s API. If you haven’t got a developer who can build a widget like this for you, I might recommend checking out elance where you can contract a developer to take care of this.

When the time comes, you can request early access to our API at


Not sure if this is still a thing or being developed, but just a heads up that your radio buttons on your form are broken on that page.