Ability to have a Google sitemap


As a new landing page, it’s really hard to get found if you can’t have a sitemap. I have unbounce on the root of my domain, so there’s no apparent way to have a sitemap, so I’m stuck in the supplemental index.

Without sitemap there is no way I know of to ever get any organic search results with Unbounce.

Just like you can upload an image, there should just be a button to upload a sitemap. Or better yet, automatically generate it for me since it’s a rather simple XML file.


Hi Bryan, sorry we didn’t follow up on this sooner! This is currently on our list of potential improvements, however, we don’t yet have an ETA for it. We’ll likely roll this up into a more SEO-focused effort.

Thanks for your feedback!


I agree with Bryan, sitemap functionality would be nice. I have just started using Unbounce for organic results and it has worked really well. It is a very nice and simple platform for generating those results. A sitemap isn’t at all necessary to get sites ranked for keywords but it is possibly helpful. In general, I think you guys could get more business from folks looking to optimize for SEO if you just cater to them just a tad more as the platform is very robust in all other ways.


has this feature been added yet? This thread is over a year old, but haven’t seen any mention of it.



Hi Nathan, no we haven’t added Google Sitemaps as a feature to Unbounce yet, sorry. The reality is that we are staying as focused as possible on building a platform for landing pages used in non-organic marketing campaigns: paid search, email, etc.


Hey everyone! I thought I’d chime in here too. As Carter mentioned: “Unbounce is committed to building a platform for landing pages used in non-organic marketing campaigns.”

Now, if you’re scratching your head and wondering how you can leverage Unbounce for your own non-organic marketing campaigns, please feel free to take a gander at this behind the scenes Unbounce blog post. In this post, we share how we use landing pages (built in Unbounce, of course) with inbound marketing!



Completely understand you business model and your need to focus. And this thread is also 1 year old so I’m sure there have been recent developments.

The thing is, all of us using Unbounce, heavily invest in Unbounce in terms of time and resources, so we can increase our own business. And the focus is driving traffic to landing pages that convert into leads and sales. We can all agree on this.

However, by adding a handful of SEO features, allowing us to possibly see some added benefit, would go a long way to help offset that investment. I have had a few pages rank well organically for various reasons. And this has been a slam dunk for both client perceived value and ROI.

At this point the ability to submit the XML sitemap to Google through GWT would have much value. But what we need is the ability to submit from a specific domain.

Allow us to add any domains / pages to the xml sitemap and it can be manual. I just need to be able to extend the /sitemap.xml from the page domain. 

It can be as simple as:

Domain 1
Domain 2
Domain 3


Show me the URL that I can copy into GWT.

Keeping in mind we can add any domains to the sitemap - they don’t have to be the root domain specific. This is important because within Unbounce I may have 3 or 4 pages I want to add plus articles for a specific blog URL. 

This would keep it flexible and I believe the least painful to develop.


Chaz Green


I need this sitemap.xml function!




xml sitemaps help really big sites to get better indexed - ones with thousands of pages. If you have a 10 separate landing pages, and that are not connected to each other by links , just put 10 links from other your main site somewhere (maybe even the sitemap.html page). This will be enough for crawler to find your page. and having a sitemap in the root of your page will not make a big difference (even for 100 landing pages)




Im losing all my trust in Unbounce and will remove my account as soon as I can.

No sitemap
No image library organization
no upload field
No open graph etc.

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