A:hover problem in CSS in landing page


I’m trying to add a CSS rule in an unbounce page to highlight a link when the mouse cursor passes over it. I’m using a:hover {…} but I can’t seem to get it to work? any ideas?


Hi Bert,

Use: #lp-pom-root a:hover {…}

Sorry, I realize that isn’t actually intuitive. We will be improving the ability to add custom styles in the future. It’s not exactly a very great feature at the moment.



Hey Bert, assuming you’re using the Stylesheets component to do this, are you including the style tags in your code?

\<style type="text/css"\>  
a:hover {...}  

If that’s not it, send an email to support@unbounce.com with the page you are having trouble with and we’ll take a better look.


Oops Justin beat me to it above… Feel free to email us though if you still can’t get things to work.


thanks guys, got it working now!
ideally there should have been a way to style the hover from the editor.
I also had to add a rule to style the list item bullets.


would love for just a regular a:link etc to work without the addition to the front, but grateful for the workaround!