A/B testing. How will i get new leads from new built landings?


Hi everyone. Just registered new domain and created 2 landing pages for AB test. Added about 300 key words to both of them and would like to do A|B test. My question is that how will i get new leads if my landings just were created and i was advised to tick "hide from search eng ines’ box?? Is that realistic or did I miss something ??


Hi Alexander, 

If you want to get leads from organic traffic, you should of course not hide the pages from search engines. That would defeat the purpose. However, if you have copied content from your website on to this page, it would make sense to hide it from the engines to avoid duplicate content issues.

If you want to get leads from paid campaigns or email (not organic traffic), you can hide your pages from search engines. Because in this case you are not interested in search engines indexing your pages.

A few follow up questions: 

Which channels are you using to generate traffic to these pages? 

What are you offering on the landing pages and what is your conversion goal? 

What exactly do you mean by “Added about 300 keywords to both of them”? Do you simply mean that there are 300 words in total on the page? Are you talking about keywords in a PPC campaign?


Hi Aagaard. Thank you for your reply. I am not entirely sure how it all works so my questions may be a bit strange. Thank you for your patience.
I am acupuncturist in London. I would like to create landing page to attract more patients to my practice.
I created 2 landing pages from scratch using unbounce.
I do not have my main website. So I created 2 pages with slightly different content and I would like to AB test them. I am not quite sure how to do that and where shall I get traffic from?
Regarding key words: when I was filling page properties in unbounce I had to fill up description of the page, key words ect. I used semrush to find most popular keywords in my area. (Acupuncture in west London).
Now I have a question

  1. how do I test my landing pages if I never had my main page.
  2. Where do I get traffic to my pages ( I was advised tick hide from search engines by unbounce)
  3. Do I need to use google Adwords?
  4. Any general recommendations?
    Thank you so much!


Hi Alexander, 

Michael made some excellent points above and I thought I chime in with helping you on your follow up questions:

  1. You don’t need to have a website (“main page”) to test your landing pages. Although, it would be a good idea to build one for your business. The benefits of having a website are too many to count but definetly look into getting one build for you. 

2 - 3. These two questions kind of go together. Since, you don’t have a website at the moment, your best course of action would be to experiment with paid acquisition -  Google & Facebook ads. 

  1. General recommendations:
  • Make sure the two pages you’ve created are actually the same page (URL) but set as two variations. (ex. Page 1 = Variation 1 and Page 2 = Variation 2). This way you’ll be able to easily measure the results and see which one performs better. 

  • If you don’t have experience with running paid ads (Google and/or Facebook) I would recommend getting a consultant to help you set those up and monitor/adjust them for you. Otherwise, you might end up spending a lot of money to learn. 

  • Make sure you push enough traffic to your page(s) to get statistically meaningful results. This basically means you shouldn’t decide if a page is working or not based on a dozen or so visits to it. As a general rule of thumb, you should be looking at pushing at least 500-1000 visitors to each variation in order to determine if it’s working or not. Therefore, you need to budget accordingly. This is where a consultant can help you set the right expectations in terms of budget/timeframe. 

  • Measure the post lead conversion as well. It’s one thing to get a lead from a landing page but not all of those leads will become customers. You’ll want to be able to calculate your cost of acquisition correctly, which in turn will help you set your budgets for your paid ads. London is a big and competative market with probably hundreds of acupuncture practionioners competing for the same keywords. This can drive your cost per lead quite high. 

  • Start building your email list as soon as possible. Long term this should be your best and cheapest way to get new customers. 

  • Offer something of real value on your landing pages in order to increase the conversion rate. Examples: Free 30-60min consultation woth £XX, A checklist on how to chose an acupuncturist, ask your current customers what made them chose you over all the other acupuncturist and package that as a free giveaway.

(You should be talking to your current customers anyway and use their input/insights to craft the copy for your landing page(s).)

Hope the above points you in the right direction.