404s from mystery UnBounce page links - CLKN to blame?


Hello fellow UnBouncers,

Webmaster tools has been reporting 404s on the following links:



I can tell those links come from UnBounce pages because of the CLKN wrapper - which I believe is unique to UnBounce.

Here’s the weird part - the above links, even without the CLKN wrapper, don’t appear on any of our UnBounce pages.  The links that are actually there are:



Is there something up with the CLKN wrapper that would be causing the actual links to turn into the bizarro URLs that Webmaster Tools is reporting? 

Any insight anyone could provide would be much appreciated. Thanks!


Hi Andrew - the CLKN wrapper shouldn’t change the actual source URL at all, so it wouldn’t chnage the way the link was set at all. In Webmaster Tools, you should be able to click on those 404 URLs and show the page(s) that each link is on–is there anything showing there?


Hi Quinn, 

Unfortunately no - given that it was just two visits on two oddball links, it’s not a major crisis. If they start cropping up again I will give you guys a call…



Hi Andrew - sounds like a plan. If it does pop up again, we can try running a link checker on your domain, which should show where those links are, if they exist.