403 forbidden on delete leads

Hi there, I need help with the api.

on request: https://api.unbounce.com/pages/a08e64df-c24b-4047-bca2-aa006634872d/lead_deletion_request

I get 403 forbidden, I`m passing the lead id as the documentation says, as a POST:

“lead_ids” : [ “8cb65a85-30d3-4686-8cac-148e2b75c951” ]

and the key is created on the owner account, and I`m able to see other requests like: GET https://api.unbounce.com/pages/a08e64df-c24b-4047-bca2-aa006634872d

The problem is only to delete, we need this to start working with unbounce… thanks!

I believe this is a duplicate of POST delete leads - NOT WORKING