POST delete leads - NOT WORKING

Hi there, I need help with the api.

on request:

I get 403 forbidden, I`m passing the lead id as the documentation says, as a POST:

“lead_ids” : [ “8cb65a85-30d3-4686-8cac-148e2b75c951” ]

and the key is created on the owner account, and I`m able to see other requests like: GET

The problem is only to delete, we need this to start working with unbounce… thanks!

Hi @ippaiva2

I’ve notified our API Support team, we should have more information for you shortly. Thanks for messaging us here!


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Hey @ippaiva2,

That particular endpoint is a bit tricky to use and unfortunately, the API docs probably don’t do as good a job explaining things as they ought to.

As you noted, the delete leads APIs are restricted to Account Owners only.

But there’s a little catch with that - API keys can’t have “Account Owner” role. This is a limitation of the way authorization is currently implemented and not some crazy business rule. But the end result is that you won’t be able to use that endpoint with an API key. It will work with an OAuth access token, however, if that’s something that works for you.