3 Key Characteristics of an Unbounce Page Building Ninja


Let’s be honest, we all think we’re pretty good marketers, right? But how do you go from good to great? How do you level up and impress your boss or clients beyond belief?

Well, you can start by optimizing the workflows you use for every campaign Ð like when you’re building landing pages. This way, you won’t spend your time consumed in a build - instead you’ll be focused on the big picture. When building comes naturally, you’ll spend more time perfecting your campaign strategy, delivering valuable offers to your target audience, and devising better A/B tests.

To help you discover new ways of working in Unbounce, we’ve outlined three characteristics of an Unbounce ninja below. Take a look and let us know with a comment if you’re already nailing it, or you’re doing something that’s not on the list but would help other Unbounce customers like you.

1. You make changes on the fly (and at a moments notice)

Here’s the scene: you’ve got a great ebook campaign running for lead gen, two other landing pages collecting registrants for webinars, and a landing page collecting blog subscriber’s contact information. The only problem? Your brand just updated the style guide and decided that the Oxford Comma is a thing of the past.

With dozens of published pages to update, this could take a while, but you’re ready to flex your ninja-like agility and update every campaign quickly with your secret weapon: Republish from within the Page Builder! (BOOM!)

You may have noticed recently that the Save, Republish, and Preview buttons are now located in the top right of the Page Builder toolbar to make your workflow that much smoother:

This means that now Ð after you’ve published your initial pages (and set up your URLs, etc.) Ð small edits to your published pages are no big deal and that much faster. Changes are just a click of a ÒrepublishÓ button away.

2. You upload all of your images at the very start of a project

Whether you’re part of an in-house marketing team, or you work on behalf of clients at an agency, you know that all the best campaigns start with solid prep work.

If you have to stop and start a landing page build because you’re not sure what the headline is supposed to be, or if you don’t have the right images, you’re adding to the time it takes to get a campaign out the door.

Uploading all your image assets at the start of a project is one small step you can take for big impact as you build. With Unbounce’s new Bulk Image Upload you can load all the campaign images into your library right from the start (instead of one-by-one). It’ll help you go from login to new leads in no time!

As a bonus, if you’re an agency marketer, you can collect all your sourced images upfront from clients (including their branded assets) so you won’t have to interrupt your build to ask for additional resources.

To access bulk image upload just drag and drop an image widget onto your page the same as you’ve always done. But now you can multi-select as many images as you want (just make sure they’re in the same folder on your computer). Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy.

3. You check yourself before you wreck yourself (when it comes to mobile responsive)

With mobile traffic patterns heading up and to the right - and seemingly fewer and fewer options for serving up your ads to just desktop visitors alone (#Mobilegeddon) - it’s more important than ever that your landing pages display perfectly on desktop AND mobile.

Once you’ve got a desktop page that matches your brand, and contains all the elements of a high-converting page, the Unbounce ninja knows to head over to the mobile tab in the Unbounce Page Builder…

From here they always begin with Layout Assistant.

With a click of this button, Layout Assistant rearranges the elements of your desktop page to better suit a mobile view. (This is especially useful if you’re starting from a blank page or updating an older pre-responsive page). Most customers say Layout Assistant gets them to about 80% publish-ready, and only small final touches are needed.

Overall, an Unbounce pro never leaves a mobile page view up to chance Ð they take control!

What are your workflow tips?

Now that you know what we recommend for a faster Unbounce workflow, it’s time you tell us what you’re doing in the builder that saves you time (or headaches). Share your tips below with other Unbounce ninjas!