2020 is the Year To Prioritize Equal Pay

Hey everyone! Chelsea from Unbounce here. :wave:

I’m really excited to let this incredible community know about a brand new, very important initiative for us here at Unbounce.

Here’s the backstory:

According to Stats Canada, Canadian women, on average, make $0.92 for every $1 made by a man, even when we adjust for differences in industries, occupations, and rate of part-time work. And in the US, American women make $0.98 for every $1 made by a man even when adjusting for the same role and qualifications. Over a 30+ year career, this gap can add up to a difference of hundreds of thousands of dollars. So while you might be trying to get ahead yourself, (who doesn’t want a raise, right?), others around you are still just trying to be seen for their worth.

In 2020, the gender pay gap isn’t up for debate. The better question is ‘how do I start mending it?’ Despite our own commitment to diversity & inclusion at Unbounce, we found a gender pay gap that made us invest in doing better.

Now we’re working to inspire others to do better too. We’re asking CEOs and/or HR teams to take our pledge to work toward pay parity. We’ve put together a comprehensive compensation toolkit to help folks at any company prioritize and eventually reach gender pay parity (read about the full campaign here).

So here’s where you can come in. We’d love your help in spreading the word to your networks about this campaign. Maybe it’s asking your own CEO or Head of Human Resources to take the pledge (send ‘em to this page!), or maybe it’s just tweeting to your social following. Every little bit helps.

:bird: Tell My Network to Pay Up for Progress

Got any questions? Feel free to hit the Reply button below. Here’s to paying up for progress with us. :muscle:


I’m in fully support of equal pay and totally agree that it should not even be a penny difference.

However, if my math is correct, a $0.02 difference over a 30 year career is $996 and $0.08 difference is $3,984. Of course there should not be any difference, but it’s definitely not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Great campaign and I’m in full support!

UPDATE: I realized my math was totally wrong:) I calculated assuming the $0.02 gap is per hour and not per dollar earned. Of course with the $0.02 on each dollar earned the difference comes to hundreds of thousands throughout a career. My bad!
In full support of the campaign!

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Thank you so much for your support — we truly appreciate it!

I did want to address your question regarding the loss in earnings over the course of a woman’s career. Based on the pay gap stats shared above and the average Canadian salary of $55,806, the difference in earnings over a 30-year career amount to $133,950 not including compound interest, raises and the pay gap being much worse for women that face multiples forms of discrimination. If your salary is above average and/or you work for longer than 30 years, you’re easily looking at a difference of hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of your career. In fact research out of PayScale, found that women in the uncontrolled pay gap stand to lose $900,000 on average over a lifetime.

Happy to discuss further if you’d like!

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